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Joe began his radio career
while advertising for his previously owned business. The radio programmers liked his voice and personality and asked if he’d consider doing other radio commercials. Radio Station WATD-FM in Marshfield, MA heard his commericals and asked if he could fill in on the morning show for someone who was ill. Then WCAP-AM in Lowell, MA signed him and he broadcast for them with his own late night talk show for 4 years. The rest is history! He now does the early morning/late night show for Talk America Radio Network #1 heard on more than 450 radio stations around the country and world!

1 – 888 – JOE – SHOW

Joe Mazza did one of his
Road Shows Live from the
Bed & Breakfast
in July, 2001

Here is Joe On The Air from the
Wildwood Inn Dining Room

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Monday Mornings 1:00 – 5:00 A.M. *EASTERN TIME (EST)



Galaxy 1, Transponder 17, 5.58 Narrowband Audio, Horizontal Polarization
Galaxy 1 programming can also be
heard on 4DTV Channel #952

Galaxy 9, Transponder 2, 7.3 Wideband Audio, Horizontal Polarization
Galaxy 9 programming can also be
heard on 4DTV Channel #951

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How do Radio Stations Make Money?

Radio Stations

We love listening to the radio. While driving in the car, it is our favorite time pass.  There are many popular shows on the radio which we love listening, and we all have our favorite radio hosts.  Radios are something which never got old with time. People still listen to it, and it’s an evergreen entertainment.

But have you ever wondered how these radio stations make money? You listen to these radio stations for free most of the time, and you might be wondering where these radio stations make money from to pay for all the radio hosts, airtime, and all the other expenses.

Radio Stations

Most of the radio stations are sponsored by companies which air their advertisements on the radio stations.  Depending on the time the ad is aired and depending on the shows the ads are aired the companies will be charged. Radios are also made money through various other ways. In this article, you will be reading about the different ways in which radio stations make money.

  • Sponsored Ads.
  • Charging listeners who call the radio station.
  • Syndication

Sponsored ads:

Since radios are still a popular entertainment and millions of people, listen to the radio every day or is an excellent medium to advertise. Based on the airtime the prices are changed. During busy peak hours when the station has maximum listeners, the ads that are aired during these peak hours are charged more.  Ads sales are one of the top incomes for radio stations.

Charging listeners who call the radio station:

There are many radio stations has shows where you can call the radio host and request for your favorite song, or there are shows which let’s your present your views and other things on the show. All these calls you make to the radio stations will be charged to you. Just imagine all the calls the radio stations will be receiving from the listeners.

Even text messages are charged. If you happen to text something to the radio station, then these stations will charge you for the text messages you send to the station.


There are certain shows which are quite popular. Many people listen to that show, and there are millions of listeners who listen to that particular show. These popular shows make the radio stations quite popular. The people love the hosts of these shows, and they tune into the radio station just to listen to these fun shows which are hosted by their favorite radio stars.

The sensation is the process where one radio station allows another radio station to sir some of their famous shows for some amount of money. Since these shows have great listeners, they are paid and aired on the other radio stations. Many radio stations do this to increase the listeners to their station.

Many traditional radio stations make a huge amount of money by syndication and many radio stations use this method to attract customers to their radio stations.

The Joe Mazza Show

Joe Mazza Show

Joseph F.  Mazza is one of the most loved radio hosts in the USA. He was very friendly, and people loved his late night shows. He often invited famous artists to his talk shows, and most of the radio shows are conducted in the comforts of his home.

Joe Mazza has a German shepherd dog which joins him while he is doing his late night talk shows. His listeners fondly call his dog as Sebastian, the wonder dog.

Joe Mazza Show

The following are some of the things you need to know about Joseph F.  Mazza:

  • Early life and education.
  • Family.
  • The character of Joe Mazza.
  • Joseph F. Mazza show.
  • Day job.
  • Death

Early life and education:

Joe Mazza was born in Watertown, MA.  As a young boy, he loved playing guitar, and he was also the founder of a rock and roll called as the caravans. He usually played with his band at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom which is located in New Hampshire.

Joseph Mazza had graduated from the Watertown high school and did his college in Burdett College.  He also attended the Suffolk University and studied business administration.

Joe Mazza also served in the US Army for many years during the early 1960s.


He was the son of late Joseph S. Mazza and Esther Sheridan Mazza. Joe Mazza has a twin brother whose name is James Mazza and a sister named Maryann Riley.

Joseph F. Mazza of Hingham was married to Elizabeth Larson in the year 1968. He was married in Cohasset and continued to spend the rest of his life there.

The character of Joe F. Mazza:

Joseph was a person who was loved by everyone. He hated talking about politics and was very friendly to everyone.  He was never confrontational or argumentative. So during the show, he was always friendly and never gets into an argument with anyone. So, Joe was loved by everyone, and his shows were such a hit.  He always speaks kindly to everyone he knew, and he was kind to even strangers.

Joseph F. Mazza show:

Mazza started out his career at the WATD FM in Mansfield. He was initially asked to fill in for someone who was sick.  The FM liked his voice when they heard his record for a limousine service advertisement which he owned in Cohasset.

Later he went to host many shows at the Brockton and Lowell then he moved on to Genesis communication network in the year 2003. It is in the Genesis communication he became very famous all across the country.

He often invited celebrities from television shows and also from movies from the 50s and 60s.  Some of the notable guests were Debbie Reynolds, Red Rox, Alan Young, Dionne Warwick, etc.

Day Job:

Joe had a full-time day job. He was an independent home improvement salesman. He did his business administration and had a full-time job.


Joseph F.  Mazza had a heart attack and passed on April 27 at the age of 66.

Top 2 Highest Paid Radio Stars

Chris Evans

Hosting a radio show requires a real talent. You need to know how to keep your listeners entertained. It is such an art to say something and have people appreciate you for that. Not many radio show hosts are popular but there are a few who have more than a million listeners who enjoy their show and love listening to their voice. To become a great radio host you need a great voice, unlike a television show, people do not get to see your face. They only get to hear your voice. So, if you happen to have a good tenor voice which is very pleasant then it is an added advantage for you.

Chris Evans

In the field of radio station hosts, some of the highest paid radio stars are:

  • Howard Stern.
  • Chris Evans.

Howard Stein:

Howard Stein is one of the most successful and highly pain radio stars in the entire world. He is paid around 90 million dollars and has a net worth of about 600 millions dollars. Howard has an excellent way of talking to his listeners and people from all over the world love listening to him. His show, “The Howard Stern Show” is a nationally syndicated program. He became popular after his five year deal with the Sirius XM radio.

Chris Evans:

Chris Evans is quite popular in the UK. He is one of BBC’s top paid radio stars. The big breakfast show made him very famous and people started to enjoy all his talk shows.

The Top Radio Talk Show Hosts with Online Streaming

Coast to coast - George Noory

We all love listening to the radio. It is one of the oldest entertainment systems we have in today’s world. We have got rid of most of the things which we had used in the past but radio is something which we never let go, and we still listen to the radio, and many of us love listening to the radio on a daily basis.  There are many radio hosts, and all of us have our own favorite radio talk host.

Previously we had to listen to the radio only one the radio transmitter. Today there are many radio shows which have online streaming, and you can listen to all your favorite shows and hosts online.

The Delilah love fest

The following are some of the top radio talk show hosts who have online streaming:

  • Coast to coast – George Noory.
  • Glenn Lee Beck.
  • Jeremy Vine Covers the News.
  • The Delilah love fest.

Coast to coast with George Noory:

George Ralph Noory is a radio talk show host for the Coast to Coast show. The show airs in Canada and USA by the Premium network.  He is an excellent radio host and is always interested in attracting listeners to his show.  He is a kind of person who believes in entertaining his audiences no matter what his guests or callers tell him.

He is quite adventurous with his show, and everyone is keen on listening to his show.  George first began his radio career in Detroit station WCAR-AM as a newscaster. George has won about three local Emmy awards for his excellence as a radio host.

Glenn Lee Beck:

Glenn is an American radio talk show host. He is also a political commentator and a producer. The Mercury Radio arts were founded by Glenn Lee which is a syndicated on Premium radio networks.  Glenn is also a producer for the record on the blaze. He is a person who promotes conspiracy theories.

Jeremy Vine Covers the News:

Jeremy Vine is an English presenter and a journalist.  He is popularly known for hosting in BBC Radio 2 program. He presents the News and also has guys perform live music.  He is quite popular for his live interview style and also hosts the shows like points of view, panorama, quiz show eggheads, etc.

He won the best speech broadcast award in the year 2005 at the Sony Radio Academy Awards.  Currently, he is the host of the show named what makes us humans on the BBC Radio 2.

The Delilah lovefest:

Delilah is known for her brilliant pieces of advice and is an excellent talk show host. She has great advice on love issues, and her listeners love her. She also gives tasty food recipes on the show.

Her listeners can call her and request for their favorite songs, and she airs it.  It’s a great show for relaxing, and if you need advice, then Delilah is the person you need to hear.

The Best Radio Shows for Kids

Radio Shows for Kids

Radio shows today target the drivers of the car. While driving with your children and you happen to turn on the radio you would love if there was some show hosted on the radio exclusively for your kids. If your children just would not sleep during the night, there are many radio stations which host shows for children where they have shown for bedtime stories and many other informative shows which are exclusively aired for kids.

During the holiday season, you can turn on the radio and give and make your children feel how you had spent your holidays way back in those days when the radio was the only source of electronic entertainment.

Radio Shows for Kids

So if you are looking for some radio shows which your kids will love, then the following are some of the best radio shows for kids which are aired by radio channels:

  • Storytime.
  • Short and curly.
  • Brains on.
  • The imagination Parade.


If your kids would not go to sleep and ask you to tell them a story every night and you are just out of stories and tired of making up new ones. The story time show is there to rescue you, the show is only for twenty minutes, and a story is narrated by Rob Griffiths. Rob has a British tenor accent which is perfect for a nap time story.  The podcast is aired twice a week, and each story which is told in the show is made for the series. Which means it is an exclusive story that is being read on the show.

Short and curly:

You might be little confused with the name of the show at first. But if you give it a look, short and curly is an excellent show which teaches kids about ethics. The show is targeted for children who are of the ages between 7 and 12. Many brilliant things are discussed in the show. Certain things like is it ok to fight a bully back and other things which kids of that age group would usually face. The show helps them to relate to various aspects of their life and helps them to deal with it.

Brains on:

If your kids happen to love science, then the Brains on the show happens to have a science lesson in every episode of the show. It is an excellent way to teach your kids about science, and they will love it. One of the other things about the show is that kids host this show, which makes it extra special and attractive. Various interesting topics are discussed in the show, and your kids will love the show.

Story Nory:

Story Nory is another show which has stories broadcasted for kids. Original poems are also read in the show. Some of the favorite stories in the show are Frog Prince, Katie the ordinary Witch, Astropup, etc. Story Nory is one of the best shows for bedtime stories, and your kids will love it.


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