Joe Mazza:

‘The King of late night talk radio’

“”WOBURN — By Pamela Mieth — Unlike Howard Stern, Rush Limbaugh, or even Larry King, Woburn’s own Joe Mazza, “the king of late night talk radio,” does not talk politics.

The theme of “The Joe Mazza Show with Sebastian the Wonder Dog,” carried on more than 250 radio stations nationwide on the Talk America Radio Network, is nostaligia. “It’s a fun show, no politics,” said Mazza, “Anybody talks politics, we blow ’em off the air,” he said.

What Mazza does talk about, in the late night/early morning hours of the weekend, is yo-yos (“you don’t see kids playing with yo-yos anymore”), old cars, baseball, collectibles, diners, drive-ins, Davy Crockett lunch boxes, old TV shows, and anything else that results in a trip down Memory Lane.

“I’m looking for the warm donut,” said Mazza, who longs for the good old days when “things were done a lot better, and donuts were served fresh out of a warm oven at the neighborhood bakery.”

Mazza’s show is part information, part entertainment, and part kitsch.

Guests on his show have ranged from big name entertainers and sports stars such as Debbie Reynolds, Julio Iglesias, Tony Bennett, Joe Montana and Dan Marino, to collectibles experts and others who can reminisce about some shared piece of America’s past.

He invites listeners to answer trivia questions, gives out prizes, and talks with “Sebastian the Wonder Dog.”

Sebastian, part wolf and part long-haired shepherd, earned his continued presence on the show because people can relate to the exchange between canine and owner.

“We talk funny to our dogs,” Mazza said, “… like they’re part of the family.”

Mazza said he gets about 65 to 100 letters a week addressed to “Joe and Sebastian the Wonder Dog Mazza.”

The letters (I get) are hysterical,” said Mazza, with people writing “give him (Sebasian) a hug for me.”

Mazza’s show is done live out of WNRB 1510 AM (in Cummings Park in Woburn), but he has also broadcast from around the country.

Over the next few months, he’ll be going to Las Vegas, Ontario, Biloxi, Miss., New Orleans, and Atlantic City.

The 52 year-old Mazza, fraternal twin to Woburn Police Lt. James Mazza, took a roundabout route from 1962 Woburn High School graduate to syndicated radio talk show host.

Mazza said he lived in Cohasset for about 20 years, where he had a linousine business.

He got into radio “on a fluke,” when a local radio station hot him to do some commercials for his business.

“They liked my voice,” he recalled, and asked him to fill on a radio show for someone out sick.

He eventually got his own show, and when the station was sold, he moved to another one in Brockton. From there, he did a sports show out of Lowell that “caught on very nicely,” and about two and a half years ago, he started the “Joe Mazza” show.

Mazza can be heard on radio stations from Massachusetts to California, with stops in every major market in between.

He estimates he has about 4.5 million listeners nationside.

He doesn’t talk much about his personal life, but does mention he has a 25-year-old son, Joey Mazza, an actor, model, and playwright.

(“The younger Mazza can be seen on page 53 of last month’s ‘Mademoiselle’, and page 171 of this month’s ‘Boston Magazine’,” his proud dad does not hesitate to add.)

Although he now splits his time between residences in Lexington and Boca Raton, Fla., Mazza has an office at his mother, Ester Mazza’s house in Woburn.

Mazza said he is happy about the turn his life has taken, and said he may someday “write a book of this whole thing.”

Watch out Howard Stern, Mazza’s “nice, clean family show” is catching on! ”


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