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Is Radio dead?

When radios were introduced in the world, it was one of the most prominent channels for people to come to know about various things that were happening around the world. People used it for entertainment, news, advertisements, public announcements etc. Ever since we entered the digital world, marketers have started to talk about the death of traditional advertising. But even though there were many claims of conventional marketing fading away, it somehow managed to stick around to a point where marketers doubt if traditional marketing will ever fade away.

Maybe radio advertising will never die as it still has a lot of people who listen to it. When you understand that there is a considerable amount of population all over the world who is still interested in the entertainment provided by the radio, one can say that radio advertising might never die. In today’s world if you want to listen to your favourite music, you can do that with just a click of a button, but still, people call the radio stations and request them to play their favourite songs. Listening to music on your digital technologies will never be the same as your requested song playing on the radio. With the development of technology, radio stations have started to broadcast globally.


The following are some of the reason why radio still lives:

Radio is free:

The word free sounds so good to hear. Unless you want to request a song or participate in an event conducted by the radio on air, you do not have to pay for listening to the radio. Many people still turn on the radio and listen to the local jam. Even with such advancements in technology, people always end up listening to the radio while driving.

Available very easily:

To listen to the radio, you do not need a pricey device. You also need not worry about your data being consumed. All you need are some batteries to provide power supply to the radio. Many smartphones these days come with an attached radio, and you can also download radio apps on your phones or listen to internet radios.

Local news:

Sometimes to know what is happening in your locality you need to listen to those local radio stations in your region. It is always fun to hear about what your locality is doing.

Uncluttered mode of advertising:

Whenever there is an ad on television, or the newspaper or the internet, it is considered more of an annoyance. But the same does not happen with radio. People often love listening to a small jingle, and many people welcome a change in the tone. Though advertisers cannot provide ads based on their target audience and keep track of them, radio advertising seems to be an effective method of advertising as it does not annoy people.