Radio Shows for Kids

The Best Radio Shows for Kids

Radio shows today target the drivers of the car. While driving with your children and you happen to turn on the radio you would love if there was some show hosted on the radio exclusively for your kids. If your children just would not sleep during the night, there are many radio stations which host shows for children where they have shown for bedtime stories and many other informative shows which are exclusively aired for kids.

During the holiday season, you can turn on the radio and give and make your children feel how you had spent your holidays way back in those days when the radio was the only source of electronic entertainment.

Radio Shows for Kids

So if you are looking for some radio shows which your kids will love, then the following are some of the best radio shows for kids which are aired by radio channels:

  • Storytime.
  • Short and curly.
  • Brains on.
  • The imagination Parade.


If your kids would not go to sleep and ask you to tell them a story every night and you are just out of stories and tired of making up new ones. The story time show is there to rescue you, the show is only for twenty minutes, and a story is narrated by Rob Griffiths. Rob has a British tenor accent which is perfect for a nap time story.  The podcast is aired twice a week, and each story which is told in the show is made for the series. Which means it is an exclusive story that is being read on the show.

Short and curly:

You might be little confused with the name of the show at first. But if you give it a look, short and curly is an excellent show which teaches kids about ethics. The show is targeted for children who are of the ages between 7 and 12. Many brilliant things are discussed in the show. Certain things like is it ok to fight a bully back and other things which kids of that age group would usually face. The show helps them to relate to various aspects of their life and helps them to deal with it.

Brains on:

If your kids happen to love science, then the Brains on the show happens to have a science lesson in every episode of the show. It is an excellent way to teach your kids about science, and they will love it. One of the other things about the show is that kids host this show, which makes it extra special and attractive. Various interesting topics are discussed in the show, and your kids will love the show.

Story Nory:

Story Nory is another show which has stories broadcasted for kids. Original poems are also read in the show. Some of the favorite stories in the show are Frog Prince, Katie the ordinary Witch, Astropup, etc. Story Nory is one of the best shows for bedtime stories, and your kids will love it.