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The Best Radio Stations in the U.S

We live in a technological-infused world and in times like these where nearly everything we could never have ever imagined, would’ve eventually become digital, it’s hard to believe that radio actually still exists. While playing an important role in society and most importantly, America over the past century, radio has found its way to still exist after all this time.

The radio played a crucial part in the U.S. in the 1900’s and was the device on which people all over America received the news of Martin Luther King Jr. speech and ultimately, the end of segregation.

Over the years, radio has evolved and is still recognized as a fairly popular source of communication and the receiving of news. Although the Smartphone takes the cake in most instances, the radio still thrives, especially in the U.S.

The Most-Listened to Radio Stations

RTE Junior

First of all, although there are a few radio stations that cater to the likes of children, RTE Junior is considered the most popular one. It is also one of the most listen to and popular channels for kids in the world and not only the U.S. With an Irish National broadcaster and even interesting parents on some occasions, this radio station also includes story-telling, music and pre-school learning.

Kool 97 FM

From the shores of Kingston, Jamaica, this radio station is as its name suggests, pretty Kool. We mean ‘Cool’. With music that is derived from Jamaica with a touch of Caribbean charm, Kool 9FM plays everything Reggae you can think of, from Bob Marley to Peter Tosh, Lee Scratch Perry and so much more. More than half its music includes the likes of Reggae.

Monacle 24

Unique to most radio stations, Monaco 24 includes the likes and interests of a particular lifestyle magazine. It is one of the few radio stations that includes several hours of unique speech content daily. Mostly listened to by those interested in business, travel and design or art, Monacle 24 is both inspiring and different.



For something different, WKSU listeners hear it all. This radio station is situated in Ohio and provides you with the very best of sport, news highlights that range from This American Life to The Moth Show, as well as the TED Radio Hour show. Tune into this one and you’ll even get a proper dosage of classical music on the daily.


Finance Inter Paris is referred to as Fip for short. This radio station is a popular one across the globe and is celebrating its 45th year anniversary. It also remains a favourite online and is considered as one of the top music stations on the web. The station’s line-up includes some of the best mixes of music, while constantly surprising listeners with everything from Motown, Reggae, Mozart, the best of the 80’s, as well as today. Along with informative news and weather reports, Fip is considered a favourite.