Joe Mazza Show

The Joe Mazza Show

Joseph F.  Mazza is one of the most loved radio hosts in the USA. He was very friendly, and people loved his late night shows. He often invited famous artists to his talk shows, and most of the radio shows are conducted in the comforts of his home.

Joe Mazza has a German shepherd dog which joins him while he is doing his late night talk shows. His listeners fondly call his dog as Sebastian, the wonder dog.

Joe Mazza Show

The following are some of the things you need to know about Joseph F.  Mazza:

  • Early life and education.
  • Family.
  • The character of Joe Mazza.
  • Joseph F. Mazza show.
  • Day job.
  • Death

Early life and education:

Joe Mazza was born in Watertown, MA.  As a young boy, he loved playing guitar, and he was also the founder of a rock and roll called as the caravans. He usually played with his band at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom which is located in New Hampshire.

Joseph Mazza had graduated from the Watertown high school and did his college in Burdett College.  He also attended the Suffolk University and studied business administration.

Joe Mazza also served in the US Army for many years during the early 1960s.


He was the son of late Joseph S. Mazza and Esther Sheridan Mazza. Joe Mazza has a twin brother whose name is James Mazza and a sister named Maryann Riley.

Joseph F. Mazza of Hingham was married to Elizabeth Larson in the year 1968. He was married in Cohasset and continued to spend the rest of his life there.

The character of Joe F. Mazza:

Joseph was a person who was loved by everyone. He hated talking about politics and was very friendly to everyone.  He was never confrontational or argumentative. So during the show, he was always friendly and never gets into an argument with anyone. So, Joe was loved by everyone, and his shows were such a hit.  He always speaks kindly to everyone he knew, and he was kind to even strangers.

Joseph F. Mazza show:

Mazza started out his career at the WATD FM in Mansfield. He was initially asked to fill in for someone who was sick.  The FM liked his voice when they heard his record for a limousine service advertisement which he owned in Cohasset.

Later he went to host many shows at the Brockton and Lowell then he moved on to Genesis communication network in the year 2003. It is in the Genesis communication he became very famous all across the country.

He often invited celebrities from television shows and also from movies from the 50s and 60s.  Some of the notable guests were Debbie Reynolds, Red Rox, Alan Young, Dionne Warwick, etc.

Day Job:

Joe had a full-time day job. He was an independent home improvement salesman. He did his business administration and had a full-time job.


Joseph F.  Mazza had a heart attack and passed on April 27 at the age of 66.