The refreshing radio community

There is something about the radio that transcends technological innovation. For decades the radio has stood the test of time and has surpassed predictions and expectations. But what makes the radio tick and why is it necessary for a progressed nation? Well in short the radio is the final tool of free speech that is still standing. Almost all forms of communication has been brought to terms with the fact that there will be censorship, but the radio still has a vibrant community of people who stand up for the oppressed. Having a strong radio community can make all the difference to the eco-political landscape of the country and the world at large. So why is there a never-ending amount of love and loyalty for the age-old form of media? Read this article to understand why the radio will always have a special place.

  1. Ease of Access

Big players in the field such as Apple claim to have cashed in on the radio audience, but in all honesty, they have just scratched the surface. Apple utilises a paid service wherein an algorithm will pick out a bunch of shows and songs for the users to listen to. But conventional radio shows still has the presence of human intervention, which plays a big role in drawing and sustaining audience growth. It is difficult for most people to afford the extreme prices of say Apple radio, but a conventional radio channel is essentially free of cost and all one really needs is an electrical outlet or some batteries to listen to the radio. So in terms of ease of accessibility for the masses, there is no way a multinational corporation can hold a candle to the conventional radio.

  1. Minimalism

There is something about white space in a picture that adds depth to the whole picture. Similarly, the radio is a simplistic tool or in other words it is a minimalistic tool that engages almost anybody. The Radio Community is also a lot more welcoming to new artist, talent and new train of thought than most other platforms. Many great musicians were once nobodies, who got their break by being featured on the radio.


  1. Nostalgia

Joe Mazza recently took us down memory lane and it was by far one of the best radio shows that we have listened to in years. The radio in itself represents nostalgic elements, but a radio show that is done right can cause a great amount of impact on the audience. It is this reason why people like Joe Mazza have stayed true to the ways of the radio. It is all too common to see people moving from one platform to another in the hope of making it big, but done right there is no bigger place than the radio.