Chris Evans

Top 2 Highest Paid Radio Stars

Hosting a radio show requires a real talent. You need to know how to keep your listeners entertained. It is such an art to say something and have people appreciate you for that. Not many radio show hosts are popular but there are a few who have more than a million listeners who enjoy their show and love listening to their voice. To become a great radio host you need a great voice, unlike a television show, people do not get to see your face. They only get to hear your voice. So, if you happen to have a good tenor voice which is very pleasant then it is an added advantage for you.

Chris Evans

In the field of radio station hosts, some of the highest paid radio stars are:

  • Howard Stern.
  • Chris Evans.

Howard Stein:

Howard Stein is one of the most successful and highly pain radio stars in the entire world. He is paid around 90 million dollars and has a net worth of about 600 millions dollars. Howard has an excellent way of talking to his listeners and people from all over the world love listening to him. His show, “The Howard Stern Show” is a nationally syndicated program. He became popular after his five year deal with the Sirius XM radio.

Chris Evans:

Chris Evans is quite popular in the UK. He is one of BBC’s top paid radio stars. The big breakfast show made him very famous and people started to enjoy all his talk shows.