Top RJ’s in USA

A Radio Jockey or “RJ’s”, as they are more popularly known, is a radio announcer whose job is to host a radio talk show, interact with the audience via various medium like telephone or email, and plays music according to demand. RJs are very popular especially in FM channel radio broadcast, and the success of a channel is sometimes largely dependent upon the popularity of its RJs. Radio shows can include music countdowns, news programs, interviews with celebrities, or shows to help solve specific problems for the callers. RJs have to instil a close bond with the people. Hence people who are creative and love to talk and interact with different types of people make good RJs. Since RJs are known mostly by their voices, it is essential for them to have a clear, friendly voice and proper pronunciation. They should also be aware of the current trends in issues of general interests like music, movies, fashion, politics etc. as they are required to communicate with a variety of. Also, they also have to interact with the public through social media networking, blogs, etc. Here are a few famous radio jockeys and their stories:

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest was always destined to make it big in the world of showbiz, with his talent and style. A truly gifted child, he is now one of the top-rated television hosts and radio jockeys in the country. He started off his career by securing the prestigious internship with WSTR FM, in Atlanta which lay the foundation for his upcoming years and where he polished his skills. Soon, he made his entry into television as a host of various game shows. While his career was going good and steady, the magnum opus came when he signed the deal to serve as a host for the show American Idol. After that, year after year, his fame only grew to new heights giving him celebrity status. Today, he is without any doubt, the country’s best anchor. His most commendable work is for ‘American Idol’, ‘Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve’ and his radio show, ‘On Air With Ryan Seacrest’.

Joy Taylor

She was born as Joy Allison Taylor and is a famous American radio personality and TV host. She is best known for her career with the sports channel Fox Sports 1. She also serves as a moderator for the show ‘Skip and Shannon: Undisputed’. While most people have known her as a popular TV host over the years, very few are aware that this American beauty also blogs about entertainment, sports and lifestyle on her website Today, she is one of the most admired TV reporters in the industry, and her hosting skills, as well as her sense of humour, make her stand out from other RJ’s. The talented host Taylor knows very well how to lighten up the mood while reporting. She is personally a very charming and ambitious lady, beautiful and confident with an elegant sense of style.

Howard Stern


Mandatory Credit: Photo by Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock (2925642e)
Howard Stern
‘America’s Got Talent’ Post-Show, New York, America – 28 Aug 2013

Howard Allan Stern is a very well-known American radio jockey, television host, actor and author all rolled into one. He started his career as a typical marketing executive and later worked as a radio salesman, eventually becoming the station’s production director. He became a national sensation when his own show, ‘The Howard Stern Show’, gained massive popularity throughout America. The show was first aired in 1986 and had a huge run until it was taken off air in 2005, almost 20 years. During its run, ‘The Howard Stern Show’ had gained a massive 20 million listeners and was aired across 60 different markets. Howard Stern is known by his self-proclaimed title ‘King of all Media’ and rightly so, as his contribution across all the major entertainment platforms has been immeasurable over the years.